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 – About Custom life strategies –


I'm Michael Moore the owner of Custom Life Strategies. I'm also a Dad and a US Navy Veteran.

When my dad passed away, my family didn't get the full value out of the business he spent 25+ years building with his partner. It was only because no one gave him the information on how to do that!

Now I work to make sure other business owners and families protect their most valuable piece of!

If you had a machine that made money every day it was turned on, you would insure that machine for it's full value, right!?


What is the value of your business today?

What is the value of your business without you tomorrow?

You would never want to miss out on a deal in business or a loss of money for your family! But the loss of value in a business happens every single day to owners that are not insuring themselves. It happened to my family.

If you are a sole owner of a business, how do you ensure your family will get what it's worth without you? If you have a partner, how will you pay your partner's family for their share? How will your family get the true value of your share?

Where does the money come from?

It's actually very easy! Life Insurance!

Life Insurance has been used by generations of smart business owners. I'm presenting it to you now. Look into this. Don't leave it to chance.

I'm a straight forward kind of guy. I'm a US Navy Veteran and a dad and I believe it's up to me to protect my assets that I work hard for and the value of that for my family...even when I'm not here.

If that resonates with you, then good. We can work together and I'm here to help. The conversation is free.

  • Michael Moore

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